copper separation by ionic liquid impregnated silica


Separating closely resembling steroids with ionic liquids in

N1 - Special issue on the Ionic Liquids in Separation Technology conference ILSEPT-2014 PY - 2015. Y1 - 2015. N2 - Separation of steroids by liquid–liquid extraction with ionic liquids ILs as solvent was studied both experimentally and by simulation using a model mixture of progesterone and pregnenolone.

Enhanced CO2 Adsorption and Separation in Ionic-Liquid

Separation of CO 2 from gas mixtures is of importance in CO 2 capture from flue gas and in natural gas sweetening. In this paper we have conducted grand canonical Monte Carlo GCMC simulations to study the adsorption of CO 2 N 2 and CH 4 and separation of their binary mixtures in mesoporous silica MCM-41 modified by incorporation of the pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid 1-methyl-1-butyl

Thioacetamide chemically immobilized on silica gel as a solid

Thioacetamide chemically immobilized on silica gel as a solid phase extractant for the extraction and preconcentration of copper II lead II and cadmium II

Speakers - international Conference on Ionic Liquids in

Talk title: Gas and liquid separation taking advantage of ionic liquids Ing. Pavel Izák Ph.D. DSc. was born in Prague in 1971. In 1996 he graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and at the same university he defended his PhD in 2002. In the same year he joined the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic where

Ionic Liquid in Thin-Layer Chromatography of Anionic

Abstract The coupling of a silica static flat phase impregnated with an ionic liquid 1-methylimidazolium chloride as stationary phase with 2-methyltetrahydrofuran an alternative green solvent of tetrahydrofuran as mobile phase has been very successful for a selective separation of sodium deoxycholate from other commonly used anionic surfactants.

Impregnation of task-specific ionic liquid into a solid

Impregnation of Cyphos IL-104 as an ionic liquid onto silica was carried out. The impregnated silica was characterized using different analytical techniques. The impregnation enhanced the percent uptake of neodymium and gadolinium ions. The impregnated silica exhibited a high sorption capacity for Nd 3 and Gd 3 ions.

CO2 adsorption using amino acid ionic liquid-impregnated

An amino acid ionic liquid AAIL was impregnated with several kinds of mesoporous silica supports having various textural properties to prepare solid sorbents of the AAIL immobilized into the mesoporous silica.

Mesoporous Silica Impregnated with Acetate-based Ionic

Tuning the interior pores of solid sorbents by introducing chemical functionality is considered an effective approach to increase the adsorption uptake and the separation selectivity of porous solids. Herein this work examines the synthesis of novel composite sorbents utilizing ionic liquid 1‑Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Acetate bmimAc and 1‑Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Acetate emimAc

The Use Ionic Liquid as the Eluent Additive for HPLC

Reversed‐phase HPLC separation of ionic dyes methylene blue neutral red methyl orange and acid orange with 1‐alkyl‐3‐methylimidazolium ionic liquids as the eluent additives was studied. The addition of ionic liquid to the eluent affects the resolution peak shape and reproducibility of the retention of ionic solutes.

CN101274154A - Impregnating resin with ionic liquid film

Solid-liquid extraction is carried out by using the dipping resin therefore the contact area of ion liquid phase and water phase can be effectively increased the mass transfer efficiency of the system can be improved clamp strap loss of the ionic liquid can be reduced and the phenomena of emulsion phase splitting etc. in the extraction

Ionic Liquid/Metal–Organic Framework Composite for CO2

Enhanced CO2 Adsorption and Separation in Ionic-Liquid-Impregnated Mesoporous Silica MCM-41: A Molecular Simulation Study. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018 122 15 8216-8227. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b11529. Vahid Nozari Seda Keskin and Alper Uzun .

Rheology of Silica Dispersions in Organic Liquids: New

Dispersions of hydrophilic fumed silica are investigated in a range of polar organic media. The silica forms stable low-viscosity sols exhibiting shear thickening behavior in a host of liquids including ethylene glycol and its oligomers and short-chain alcohols such as n-propanol. In contrast the silica flocculates into colloidal gels in other liquids such as glycols with methyl end-caps

Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids Impregnated in Silica and

ABSTRACT. Ionic liquids ILs physical immobilization in solid materials is a key strategy for developing efficient and low cost CO 2 capture processes. In this work two porous commercial substrates with different characteristics silica and alumina were impregnated with ILs by physical wet method.

Molecules Free Full-Text Phosphonium-based Ionic Liquid

The contamination of water surfaces by mercury is a dangerous environmental problem due to its toxicity which leads kidney damage. Activated carbon from mixed recyclable waste modified by phosphonium-based ionic liquid IL-ACMRW was therefore prepared and evaluated for Hg II remediation. The activated carbon used in this study was prepared from mixed waste including cardboard papers and

Copper impregnated ionic liquid assisted mesoporous titania

Copper impregnated ionic liquid assisted mesoporous titania: Visible light photo alyst Efficient charge separation due to the formation of Ti–O–Cu bonding at the surface and the

Confinement of Ionic Liquids in Nanocages: Tailoring the

Kishant Kumar Amit Kumar Enhanced CO 2 Adsorption and Separation in Ionic-Liquid-Impregnated Mesoporous Silica MCM-41: A Molecular Simulation Study The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b11529 122 15 8216-8227 2018 .

Dispersive solid-phase extraction of racemic drugs using

Moreover chiral ionic liquid supported silica based enantioselective extraction was carried out in our group for chiral resolution of several amino acids . It has been found the binding energies between CIL and R-/S-enantiomer determine the separation result 30 .

A Review of Ionic Liquids Their Limits and Appli ions

Immobilization and Characterizations of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid on Silica for CO2 Adsorption/Desorption Studies. Materials Science Forum 2016 276 Engineering Ionic Liquid EDLCs: Influence of Cation Type Carbon Structure and Increased Operation Temperature; 2016

Gas Drying Using Supported Ionic Liquids

where 8 Â Å is the volume of ionic liquid in the supported system per gram of dry silica and 8 ã â å Ø the initial specific pore volume. The water sorption isotherms of the samples were measured with the static volumetric sorption analyzer Autosorb IQ Quantachrome with vapor dosing option.

CO2 Adsorption on Ionic Liquid–Modified Cu-BTC: Experimental

3.2. Ionic Liquid and CO 2 The molecular model of the ionic species bmim PF 6 – and Tf 2 N – was obtained from the studies of Shah and Maggin 2004 and Kelkar and Maggin 2007 respectively Figure 2 . The ion bmim is composed of methyl and butyl flexible groups attached to an aromatic ring rigid structure. The anion PF 6

Porous Ionic Liquids or Liquid Metal–Organic Frameworks

Porous liquids can be prepared from the dispersion metal–organic frameworks MOFs in ionic liquids ILs . Porous liquids prepared from 5 % of ZIF‐8 in a phosphonium‐based ionic liquid are capable of absorbing reversibly up to 150 % more nitrogen and 100 % more methane than the pure ionic liquid.

Simultaneous Determination of Copper Lead and Cadmium at

A new method was developed for simultaneous determination of copper lead and cadmium based on their voltammetric response at a carbon paste electrode modified with hexagonal mesoporous silica HMS immobilized quercetin HMS-Qu/CPE . Compared with quercetin modified carbon paste electrode Qu/CPE and quercetin ionic liquid modified carbon paste electrode Qu-IL/CPE the HMS-Qu/CPE

The preparation of supported ionic liquids SILs and their

This review summarizes the preparation methods of support ionic liquids SILs and their appli ions in rare metals separation. The rare metals separation includes the recovery of high value metal ions and the removal of heavy metal ions from wastewater.

Preparation of Highly Ordered Monolithic Super‐Microporous

A special room‐temperature ionic liquid 1‐hexadecyl‐3‐methyl‐imidazolium chloride is used as a template to prepare monolithic super‐microporous silica with lamellar order monolith in Figure via a nanocasting technique. The silica walls of the synthesized product are arranged parallel to each other displaying a regular structure

CO2 Capture Using Silica and Molecular Sieve Impregnated with

of ionic liquid used for either reaction or separation and it is costly since ionic liquid are an expensive solvent 6 . Therefore the alternative of this problem is to use supported ionic liquid on solid material. The porous solid support can provide high surface area that is necessary to accommodate intimate contact between CO. 2. and ionic


of the ionic liquid. Fig. 2. EDX diagram and chemical composition of the SiO2 impregnated with IL The SEM images of the silica impregnated support before and after impregnation are presented in Fig. 3. It can be observed that the particles of Cyphos IL-101 are bounded on the smooth surface of the silica supports therefore the morphology of the

RESEARCH Open Access Ionic liquid as separation enhancer in

Methods: A new green thin-layer chromatographic system comprising ionic liquid 1-methylimidazolium chloride impregnated silica gel G and 2-methyl tetrahydrofuran as stationary and mobile phases was found to be most suitable for the separation of ternary mixture of biosurfactants sodium cholate sodium deoxycholate and sodium taurocholate .

Characterization of Strontium Adsorption from Aqueous

the loss of ionic liquid and the generation of a great amount of organic waste resulting from the hydrolytic and radiolytic degradation of the extractants and diluents 8 9 11 . In addition the use of IL-impregnated supports in the removal process of metals ions from aqueous solutions increase the

High‐efficiency desulfurization by adsorption with mesoporous

Hongshuai Gao Jianmin Xing Yuguang Li Wangliang Li Qingfen Liu Huizhou Liu Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel by Extraction with Lewis-Acidic Ionic Liquid Separation Science and Technology 10.1080/01496390802691232 44 4 971-982 2009 .

Enhanced CO 2 Adsorption and Separation in Ionic Liquid

Enhanced CO 2 Adsorption and Separation in Ionic Liquid-Impregnated Mesoporous Silica MCM-41: A Molecular Simulation Study Article in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 15 · March 2018 with

Chitosan chitin /cellulose composite biosorbents prepared

Chitosan chitin /cellulose composite biosorbents prepared using ionic liquid for heavy metal ions adsorption Xiaoqi Sun State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Resource Utilization Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun 130022 P.R. China

Effective separation of organic dyes using ionic liquids as

for the identifi ion and separation of three-component mixtures of organic dyes. Keywords: Thin-layer chromatography Polyaniline-modified silica gel nanocomposites Efficient separation of organic dyes Ionic liquids * Correspondence: email& 160;protected 1Department of Applied Chemistry Faculty of Engineering and Technology

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copper separation by ionic liquid impregnated silica