effect of pore water pressure in open pit coal mine


Designs For Highwall Safety Bunds In Open Cut Coal Mines

The effect of highwall mining and augering needs to be considered for long-term highwall performance. Temporary highwall bunds are required for safety during open cut mining prior to the infilling of pits and permanent highwall safety bunds are necessary to prevent public access to abandoned open cut final voids.

Control of groundwater in surface mining SpringerLink

The presence of groundwater in surface mining operations often creates serious problems. The most important is generally a reduction in stability of the pit slopes. This is caused by pore water pressures and hydrodynamic shock due to blasting which reduce the shear strength and seepage pressures water in tension cracks and increased unit weight which increase the shear stress. Groundwater and

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Pore water pressure reduction depressurization around open pit slopes pit bottoms and shafts and roadways . This is a more subtle objective which recognizes that high pore water pressures can have a significant destabilizing effect on slopes and underground openings not only in unconsolidated deposits and soft rocks but also in fractured

Mining and Water Pollution — Safe Drinking Water Foundation

Open-pit mining involves the excavation of large quantities of waste rock material not containing the target mineral in order to extract the desired mineral ore. The ore is then crushed into finely ground tailings for processing with various chemicals and separating processes to extract the final product.

Environmental impli ions of end pit lakes at oil sand mines

EPLs are common at open-pit mines around the world. Precious metal mines iron mines coal mines and uranium mines have EPLs as part of their mine closure plans. Oil sand mines are different with their planned EPLs being considerably larger the area averaging about 4 km 2 and reaching up to about 15 km 2.

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coal deposits that have great progress in regards to coal production. Narynsuk-hait coal mine has produced 8 Mt of coal on 2015. It is almost three times of their production on 2013 and it has increased over four times when the compa-ny just begun their production on 2008. The nsukhait coal mine coal of Nary


1.3 undrained conditions.The geotechnical open pit slope Mining Lumwana copper mines applies open pit mining method to exploit the near surface orebodies.The open pit slope profile parameters used at the mine site are provided Table 1 below for the anisotropic materials in both drained and

A Coal Mine Dump Stability Analysis A Case Study

due to the presence of water. The pore water pressure reduces the normal stress acting on the material. The cohesive strength of weak geo-material will be further reduced due to presence of pore water pressure. Waste dump placed in a loose state shear failure is often fol-lowed by static liquefaction which is complete loss of strength 13 .

Mudstone depressurisation behaviour in an open pit coal mine

Drainage of thin interbeds of coal and sandstone had a minor effect on pore pressure. Although the pore pressure decreases with unloading the rate of depressurisation is not nec- essarily sufficient to be used in the slope design. based on the data available it appears that mining

PDF The effect of seepage water pressure on the final slope

combined effect of total stress and pore pressure that controls . In order to design an effective drainage scheme for a open pit mine prediction of water inflow into the pit is essential

The Influence of Groundwater Pressure on Mine Slope Stability

documented namely the reactive effect of water on the materials comprising the slope and the influence of groundwater pressure on the stress regime within the body of the slope. Both these factors are known to have detremental effects on the stability of mine slopes. The reactive effect of groundwater varies considerably

Mine water risk in open pit slope stability

Mine water problem in open pit slope stability It has been recognised that the most important factor which is tending to produce the movement of stable and unstable open pit slope is high water table e.g. high pore pressure ratio above slip surface Enver h. mandzic 1992 .

Comparison of the dewatering of underground and open pit coal

The purpose of a dewatering system for underground and open pit coal mine is to control ground water levels and to reduce pore water pressure in the ground so dewatering systems are also important

Case study of slope failure during construction of an open

Case study of slope failure during construction of an open pit mine in Indonesia. Wei Wang a D.V. Griffiths b c. a State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection; Chengdu University of Technology Chengdu 610059 China. b Colorado School of Mines 1500 Illinois Street Golden CO 80401 USA.

Case study of slope failure during construction of an open

This paper presents back-analyses of a failed slope at an open pit lignite mine in Muara Enim Indonesia. The slope which was being raised by the dumping of excavated material failed at a dump height of 24 m well before reaching the design height of 80 m.

Effect of rock mass permeability and rock fracture leak-off

To demonstrate the state-of-the-art simulation technique presented in this paper simulation of a fractured slope at the second largest open-pit mine in Australia is performed as a case study. This study shows the effect of a variable leak-off coefficient of the joint surfaces and the permeability magnitude on the pore water pressure distribution.

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effect of pore water pressure in open pit coal mine