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Carbopol EZ-3 polymer is a hydrophobically-modified crosslinked polyacrylic acid polymer powder. It is a high efficiency self-wetting rheology modifier designed to impart thickening emulsion stabilization and suspension properties to a wide range of home care and institutional products.

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Polyacrylate thickeners can be divided into two types: one is water-soluble polyacrylic acid salt; the other is acrylic acid methacrylic acid homopolymer or copolymer emulsion thickener this thickener itself is acidic with alkali or ammonia to pH8-9 in order to achieve thickening effect also known as acrylic acid swelling thickener.

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Eye contact may also cause acute and irreversible injuries. Exposure to acrylic acids e.g. acrylic acid could cause pulmonary edema. In addition acrylic acids are absolutely life-threatening because the oral lethal dose LD 50 of acrylic acid is 340 mg/kg . Associative polyurethane is another well-known class of thickeners which has

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iso 9001amp Ce Highefficiency Acrylic Acid Thickener Find Complete Details about iso 9001amp Ce Highefficiency Acrylic Acid ThickenerThickenerAcrylic Acid . Inquire Now; 9001certified high efficiency thickener outandaboutlb . High efficiency thickener is not simple equipment but with a new type of ISO 9001 CERTIFIED Rislone High

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The microstructures of two such thickeners have been determined. The structure of swollen microgels packed in intimate contact is postulated for an efficient thickener that confers pseudoplastic rheology. A less efficient thickener that confers viscoelastic rheology on aqueous systems is shown to be a true solution of polymer molecules.

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The copolymers contain 1 20-69.5% by weight of acrylic and/or methacrylic acid; 2 0.5-25% by weight of monomer of the formula CH 2 -C R -C O -O- CH 2 CH 2 0 n -R O wherein R is H or CH 3 n is at least 2 and R 0 is C 8 -C 30 alkyl alkylaryl or polycyclic alkyl; 3 at least 30% by weight of at least one C 1 -C 4 alkyl acrylate and/or methacrylate and 4 0-1.0% by weight of

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Collacral ds 6256 Excellent low-shear thickener high efficiency outstanding blushing resis-tance reduces sagging Acrylic thickener invers emulsion po-lymerisation leads to hydrophobicity Powder Marble stone finishes textured finishes Collacral hP Excellent low-shear thickener high efficiency reduces sagging prolonges open time

high efficiency thickner for mining iso approved

high efficiency thickner for mining iso approved Diameter 2.5 5 M Ore Pulp Slurry Sedimentation TankThickener .May 29 2017 . Certifi ion: ISO 9001 CE. Warranty: one year.

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ce high efficiency acrylic acid thickener