explosives of soap and gasoline


Teaspoon of Gasoline vs. Teaspoon of Gunpowder - YouTube

Nice demonstration of the power of gasoline. From The Secret Life of Machines Season 2 Episode 2.

How Do Fertilizer Bombs Work? Live Science

The gas released from the decomposing fertilizer is what drives the explosion. The rapid release of oxygen along with the energy from the detonation wave ignites the fuel.


Pour gasoline in a bucket pour in some soap flakes or a shredded soap bar and put this bucket inside a larger bucket. Fill the larger button with boiling water and wait. If the soap flakes melt you& 39;re lucky. If they don& 39;t renew the water with more boiling water. When all of the soap

Napalm chemical compound Britannica

Napalm the aluminum salt or soap of a mixture of naphthenic and aliphatic carboxylic acids organic acids of which the molecular structures contain rings and chains respectively of carbon atoms used to thicken gasoline for use as an incendiary in flamethrowers and fire bombs.

6 Ways to Make an Explosion - wikiHow

If you mix a little bit of sodium hydroxide drain cleaner with aluminium foil in a large bottle it will create a gas. If you capture the gas in a balloon and put it next to a fire it will create a massive fiery explosion which will easily shake your house if you are doing it in your backyard.

Napalm - Simple English Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

The book& 39;s altered recipes claim that in addition to orange juice mixing equal parts gasoline and diet cola or thickening gasoline with litter will work. In the 1973 Japanese kaiju film Godzilla vs. Megalon the enemy Megalon was shown to be able to spit napalm bombs that explode on contact. There is a metal band called Napalm Death.

Whoa Enormous & 39;Cotton Candy& 39; Explosion in Kids& 39; Chemistry

Easy but explosive The reaction uses cheap easy-to-access ingredients: hydrogen peroxide dish soap potassium iodide and food coloring. Hydrogen peroxide is key.

What happens when you mix gasoline and soap? - Answers

You get explosive diarrhea if you eat it Are there 5 liquids that don& 39;t mix? yes vinegar oil dish soap water gasoline What happens when you mix soap and dirt? it will eat up the dirt.

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explosives of soap and gasoline