coke oven battery operation ppt


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Design of Coke Ovens In India Gross Coke Coal Holding Capacity in Number of Chamber Capacity dry million tonnes ovens/ Height in Type of coal inName of Plant Battery per annum batteries metres Charging tonnes/ ovenVizag Steel Battery 1 0.8 67 7 top 31.6 Battery 2 0.8 67 7 top 31.6 Battery 3 0.8 67 7 top 31.6 Battery 4 0.8 67 7 top 31.6SAIL

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The coke generated after heating has a high heating calorific value and is used for burning purposes in BLAST FURNACE. Each battery consists of at least 80 – 100 coke ovens. Batteries 10 and 11 in TATA STEEL – JAMSHEDPUR consists of 88 and 100 coke ovens respectively and 3 SCP Machines are in use. 4 5.

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Cokemaking Animation: Coal to Quenching Operation - Duration: 1:12. suncokeenergy 37843 views. 1:12 Top of coke oven battery in steel plant - Duration: 3:27.

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in the suction main. The flushing liquor and the coke oven gas then flow separately to the by-product plant for treatment. Top Composition of coke oven gas coke oven gas coming from the coke oven battery has the following typical composition: Dry basis Actual composition water saturated at 176 F Water vapor - 47% Hydrogen 55% 29%

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coke top charging ovens ready to be pushed recovery type battery pushing of ovens hot coke falling in quenching car quench car with hot coke quench car with hot coke dry quenching of hot coke testing of coke 1. chemical test proximate analysis : %c > 80 % ash < 13 % vm < 1.5 % moisture < 3 % sulphur < 0.6 % phosphorous < 0.02 % alkali na2o


served to be emanating from the oven doors of a battery. An inspection of the coke oven doors will consist of an observer or observers walking the length of a coke battery at a steady pace from a ground level position 25 to 100 feet from the battery . Each door coke side push side and chuck doors is to be Observed during the inspection for only


Figure 1: "Coke Side" of a By-Product Coke Oven Battery. The oven has just been "pushed" and railroad car is full of incandescent coke that will now be taken to the "quench station". Figure 2: Incandescent coke in the oven waiting to be "pushed". The coal-to-coke transformation takes place as follows:

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coke oven battery operation ppt