a 702 windmill furling and bracking system


Rebuilt 702 Model Windmills Components and Towers

Windmills come with a new wheel and tail and are setup 702 Motor with helmet 1933 and newer 20 Furling and Braking Kit 613 659 786 527 585 $81.00

Aermotor Windmill Furling in high winds - YouTube

8& 39; Aermotor furling in high winds this afternoon. Winds were around 22 mph not sure what the gusts were up to.

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An adjustable spring is used to select the speed control point to furl the windmill out of the wind and to return the windmill into the wind as the wind speed decreases. Windmills are also equipped with a lever at the tower base to manually turn the windmill out of the wind and set a friction brake.


The Aermotor windmill can be completely assembled on the ground and hoisted onto the tower with a crane boom truck or other similar equipment. It can also be assembled on the tower. The method selected will depend on the installers experience his equipment and the size of the windmill.

Aermotor Windmill - YouTube

Turing a mill into sail first time this year. I kinda said that wrong in the vid. To turn the mill off the tail is pulled around against the wheel. There is a brake to hold the wheel from turning

602 Rebuild - Windmills.net : Windmills.net

1 You need to disassemble the Windmill down to the gear box. Remove the blades spokes tail tin tail bone bonnet and furling devices. 2 Spin the hub and get the pipe plug to “12 o’clock”. 3 Remove the pipe plug and with a big flat screw driver remove the oil collector.

Introduction to wind turbine brakes

Slowing and halting an 80-m-turbine rotor involves converting its kinetic energy into heat. Of course there are several design decisions here. Rotor brakes control overspeed and provide parking and emergency braking. These brakes can mount on the rotor or low-speed shaft on the generator high-speed shaft and both shafts in some cases. Low-speed-shaft braking is…

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The automatic furling system used on small windmills is at first one of the hardest concepts to grasp. But once you understand how it works it all makes sense as a simple and effective way to furl the windmill in high winds.

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a 702 windmill furling and bracking system