chemistry of pyrite depression in flotation


Flotation behaviors of pyrites with different chemical

Microflotation tests electrokinetic and electrochemical measurements were carried out to investigate the flotation behavior of pyrite samples taken from different regions of Turkey. Chemical analyses and mineralogical examinations showed that these pyrite samples have different impurities and structural properties.

Pyrite depression during coal flotation Part I — Inorganic

This investigation is an exploratory study to evaluate a large number of potential pyrite depressants for use during coal flotation. Subsequently the more promising reagents can be evaluated in detail. Several reagent egories such as alkalis lime oxidizing agents reducing agents specific inorganic ions and dispersants that were found to be effective pyrite depressants are discussed

A study on the effect of active pyrite on flotation of

Cu activation of pyrite after depression using CaO was more difficult than that after depression using NaOH Li et al. 2012 . He et al. 2005 evaluated the effect of pulp oxidation potential on the copper- activated pyrite flotation. They demonstrated that the pulp oxidation potential is one of the important

Diethylenetriamine depression of Cu-activated pyrite

Also lower pyrite flotation initial rate constants were observed when DETA was applied after aeration of the pulp and this could be responsible for the significant depression of pyrite . The results indi e that DETA addition and aeration decreased pyrite recovery significantly than either DETA or air alone.

Surface chemistry of activation of lime-depressed pyrite in

The depression of pyrite by lime is attributed to the surface formation of Ca OH 2 CaSO4 and Fe OH 3 as determined by XPS analysis. Xanthate flotation tests show that oxalic acid and other

Activation flotation and mechanism of lime-depressed pyrite

The depression of pyrite flotation by various depressants and related mechanisms has also been extensively studied . For the flotation of complex sulfide ores pyrite can be depressed by lime at high pH levels pH >12 . A case in point is that pyrite at the Dongguashan Mine China is highly floatable.

Pyrite Depression in Copper Flotation

The Pyrite Depression in a Copper Only Flotation circuit is simple enough. If your froth flotation system only tries to recover chalcopyrite-copper you need to bring the plant’s pH up to the other side right side of the PYRITE curve. The more flotation collector you have on the higher you will need to increase that pH for effective pyrite depression. You also need to insure your pyrite

Cyanide chemistry and its effect on mineral flotation

However the depression effect of cyanide on pyrite flotation is unlikely to be affected by either nickel ions or formaldehyde because cyanide has a stronger affinity with iron than nickel as can be seen from the thermodynamic stability constants in Table 1 and formaldehyde has no decomposition action over iron cyanide complexes.

The Adsorption of Cu Species onto Pyrite Surface and Its

The adsorption of Cu species onto pyrite surface and its effect on flotation were investigated by using microflotation tests first-principle calculations and XPS surface analysis. The results indi ed that the flotation of pyrite appears to be activated with CuSO 4 only at alkaline pH while being depressed at acidic and neutral pH.

Pyrite depression by dextrin in flotation with xanthates

Pyrite depression with dextrin occurs around pH 8 so using dextrin could lower the pH in flotation processes operating at high pH such as the flotation of copper in porphyry ores and flotation of zinc in polymetallic base-metal sulfide ores.

chemistry of pyrite depression in flotation

chemistry of pyrite depression in flotation Effect of redox conditions and copper ions on pyrite . Redox conditions and chemical reactions involved in depression mechanisms of pyrite by MBS or sodium sulfite in seawater are investigated and discussed based on the acidifying effect of MBS oxidation of sulfite ions by dissolved oxygen and the role of alyst of some metal ions e g copper

The depression of pyrite in selective flotation by different

The depression of pyrite flotation by cyanide may result from one or more of the following mechanisms: 1 Cyanide may depress pyrite flotation by replacing xanthate ions on pyrite surface similar to hydroxyl ions Wark and Cox 1934 Prestidge et al. 1993 .


Abstract. Depression of pyrite is very important in sulphide ore flotation. This paper investigates the role of non-toxic depressants on the flotation of pyrite. Starch and meta bisulphite were used as a depressant for pure pyrite sample and a pyritic copper ore at two

The effect of mode of occurrence of galena and sphalerite on

zinc sulphide ores from various sites. Pyrite is the main sulphide gangue mineral in the Rosh Pinah composite sample. Traces of chalcopyrite gold and silver are found in the ore sample Figure 1 . At the Rosh Pinah plant the composite feed is processed by selective flotation in which galena is floated first with sodium

PDF Diethylenetriamine depression of Cu-activated pyrite

The depression of pyrite flotation is normally difficult especially when pyrite is activated by copper ions. The chemistry of selective depression of pyrrhotite is discussed on the basis of

depression in copper flotation -

In the flotation of un-activated pyrite at pH 5 dixanthogen is the main species responsible for pyrite flotation the formation of which is accompanied by the reduction of oxygen or ferric hydroxides on pyrite surface. Get Price; Pyrite Depression in Copper Flotation. The Pyrite Depression in a Copper Only Flotation circuit is simple enough.

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chemistry of pyrite depression in flotation