a further study on adsorption interaction of humic acid on


Adsorption of phenol and bisphenol A on river sediments

The static adsorption experiments contained either single- or dual-contaminant of phenol and/or BPA in the system; they were conducted to characterize the adsorption of these two pollutants in the surface sediments and the main factors affecting the adsorption processes of the dual-contaminant system including particle size humic acid HA

A further study on adsorption interaction of humic acid on

A further study on adsorption interaction of humic acid on natural magnetite hematite and quartz in iron ore pelletizing process Effect of the solution pH value

The Real Story about Humic Acid EndSickness.org

A study of the adsorption of pesticides and pesticide-like compounds on humic acid suggested that it can dramatically effect pesticide bioavailability in the soil 7 8 . I find this to be interesting for humans given all of the pesticides we consume.

Adsorption of Suwannee River Fulvic Acid on Aluminum

A further study on adsorption interaction of humic acid on natural magnetite hematite and quartz in iron ore pelletizing process: Effect of the solution pH value. Powder Technology 2015 271 155-166. DOI: 10.1016/j.powtec.2014.10.045. Catherine Galindo Mirella Del Nero.

Effect of Humic Acid and Molybdate on Phosphate Adsorption in

Humic acids containing carboxyl and hydroxyl groups that have the ability to cover the P adsorption site in Typic Hapludults. Molybdate has similarity behaviour with phosphate in theacid soils. Research aim was to study the effects of molybdate and humic acid to the kinetics of phosphate adsorption in Typic Hapludults of Cigudeg Bogor.

Adsorption of lignite humic acid onto magnetite particle

Modified humic acid MHA binder based on lignite humic substances is a novel sort of promising organic binder for iron ore pellets. Humic acid HA is one of the main ingredients of MHA binder. Pure HA was firstly isolated from lignite and then adsorption of HA onto magnetite particle surface was investigated. The final results indi e that the adsorption of HA onto magnetite surface accords


al. 2002 . The effects of humic acid HA and dissolved CO2 on boric acid adsorption on amorphous am -Al OH 3 were investigated as their influence on sorption is potentially important. Although a model system was used in the studies the findings should be generally useful to better understand the mobility and bioavailability of boric

Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Uranium VI Adsorption onto

Humic acid HA is well known as an inexpensive and effective adsorbent for heavy metal ions. However the thermodynamics of uranium U adsorption onto HA is not fully understood. This study aimed to understand the kinetics and isotherms of U VI adsorption onto HA under different temperatures from acidic water. A leonardite-derived HA was characterized for its ash content elemental

Comparative study on the adsorption interactions of humic

A novel type of organic binder modified humic acid MHA has been developed and patented in China. Humic acid HA is one of the main active fractions in the MHA binder. In this study adsorption of HA onto natural magnetite hematite and quartz surfaces as a function of initial HA concentration was comparatively investigated.

Kinetic Study for Adsorption Humic Acid on Soil Minerals

Kinetics of humic acid HA adsorption onto soil minerals kaolinite and hematite has been investigated under various conditions. The influence of ionic strength pH and solution ions on the rate of adsorption has been studied. The rate and the amount of adsorbed humic acid onto soil minerals increased with increasing ionic strength decreasing pH and in the presence of Ca2 as

Humic Acid Fractionation upon Sequential Adsorption onto

Mineral−humic complexes are commonly distributed in natural environments and are important in regulating the transport and retention of hydrophobic organic contaminants in soils and sediments. This study investigated the structural and conformational changes of humic acid HA and mineral−HA complexes after sequential HA adsorption by goethite using UV−visible spectroscopy high

Mechanism of adsorption of humic acid by modified aged refuse

The adsorption process was facilitated by the continuous decrease in H concentration thus enhancing the activity of the base groups of AR; therefore the adsorption effect of humic acid was strengthened. 39 However when the pH increased above 8 the molecules in humic acid reacted with OH − to form ions thus enhancing dissolution

A further study on adsorption interaction of humic acid on

Humic acid HA was the predominant component of the MHA modified humic acid binder invented by the authors. This work aims to study the effect of the solution pH value on the HA adsorption onto natural magnetite/hematite/quartz particles and the strength of green pellets with the MHA binder.

Reduced Adsorption of Ametryn in Clay Humic Acid and Soil

To further support the existence of this weak interaction the adsorption of ametryn a triazine herbicide was investigated in kaolinite clay humic acid and soil under pseudo-Fenton conditions. At a low addition rate of ferric ion the adsorption of ametryn in clay humic acid and soil was enhanced due to the decreased pH resulting from the


ADSORPTION OF SOIL-DERIVED HUMIC ACID BY SEVEN CLAY MINERALS: A SYSTEMATIC STUDY REBECCA A. CHOTZENTAMARA POLUBESOVA* BENNY CHEFETZ AND YAEL G. MISHAEL* Department of Soil and Water Sciences Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment The Hebrew University of Jerusalem P.O. Box 12 Rehovot 7610001 Israel

Adsorption of humic acid by amine-modified nanocellulose: an

on simulation results the interaction energy was reduced but potential energy and RMSD were increased at the final stage of simulation which indi ed the adsorption of HA. The authors suggest amine-modified nanocellulose for removal of HA in wastewater. Keywords Humic acid Adsorption Amine-modified

Study of the Influence of Humic Acid Macromolecules on the

Erythrocyte absorption spectra were obtained from fresh chicken goose and guinea pig blood in solutions with humic acids isolated from brown coal to study interactions between erythrocytes and humic acids HA . It has been established that the addition of HA to erythrocytes leads to the differently directed shifts of Soret band maxima in the erythrocyte absorption spectrum. Thus for a

PDF Study of Humic Acid Adsorption Character on Natural

Then the effects of such pH 3–11 FeNi3/SiO2/TiO2 dosage 0.005–0.1 g/L contact time 0–200 min and initial concentration 2–15 mg/L were studied on humic acid adsorption using

Frontiers Effects of Interfaces of Goethite and Humic Acid

Adsorption of a soil humic acid at the surface of goethite and its competitive interaction with phosphate. Geoderma 138 12–19. doi: 10.1016/j.geoderma.2006.10.011 CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar

Environmental Dilemma of Humic Substances: Being Adsorbents

goethite onto sand particles and and studied the effects of humic acid on Cd adsorption. They found that the addition of humic acid before and after Cd changed the Cd adsorption performance differently. Some studies reported that adsorption capacities of the clays modified with humic acids increased 20 21 .

Transformation of siderite to goethite by humic acid in the

The effects of humic acid HA: CAS: 68131-04-4; 0–10 mg/L in the presence aerobic and relative absence anaerobic of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2: CAS: 7722-84-1; 0–1 mmol/L on

Study on the Modifi ion of Humic Acid and Its Adsorption to

Study on the Modifi ion of Humic Acid and Its Adsorption to Methylene Blue Chen Rongping Zhang Zishuai Wu Ding gui College of Biology and Environment Nanjing Forestry University Nanjing 210037 P.R. China . Keywords: Humic acid; Adsorption; Methylene blue Abstract: Humic acid insoluble IHA was prepared via the method of immersing in

Humic acid adsorption and its role in colloidal‐scale

We applied the extended DLVO model to study humic acid adsorption and its effects on soil structure. Adsorption on soil surfaces with their natural organic matter was mostly by weak physical forces. Adsorption increased the total particle interaction energy through an increase in electrostatic repulsion.

Effect of humic acid on ciprofloxacin removal by magnetic

In this work the adsorption of ciprofloxacin CPX onto a series of magnetic multifunctional resins GMA10-GMA90 in the presence and absence of humic acid HA was conducted to demonstrate the effect of HA. Both hydrophobic and ion exchange interactions contributed to CPX adsorption.

Adsorption of Cu2 ions on humic acids

The Langmuir isotherms presented two distinct adsorption regions showing that the adsorptive phenomenon occurs in two distinct steps according to the copper-humic site interaction. Samples of humic acids showed higher maximum adsorption capacity at pH 5 than at pH 4 while the constant a related to bonding energy was higher at pH 4. Key words

Adsorption mechanisms of nicotine on humic acid and clay

The adsorption on the surface of the humic acid‐clay complex showed no distinct phases but an isotherm looks like the L‐type although it could not verify Langmuir& 39;s equation. Probably the isotherm was the resultant of two mechanisms one due to the adsorption of the humic acid part and the other due to the clay part in the complex.

The relationship between humic acid HA adsorption on and

This study was aimed to explore the relationship between humic acid HA as a model NOM adsorption on and stabilizing multiwalled carbon nanotubes MWNTs in water with a focus on the effects of HA MWNT and solution properties.

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a further study on adsorption interaction of humic acid on