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Child labor in the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC contains vast and significant mining resources including more than 1100 minerals and precious metals. With such riches the DRC has the potential to become one of the richest countries in Africa and to guarantee the well-being of its population—including its children. However despite the availability of these mineral …

Australian man in diamond investigation in the Congo

An Australian man stranded in the Congo because of the coronavirus pandemic is accused of illegally buying diamonds in the central African nation and a government investigation is underway.

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But a flourishing diamond trade has not made Angola a more responsible diamond producer. Angola’s diamond fields are once again the scene of horrific violence. In recent years diamond miners from the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo have been streaming into northeast Angola to mine for diamonds.

Inside the Democratic Republic of Congo& 39;s Diamond Mines

In the Democratic Republic of Congo almost all diamond mining is done by hand. It’s a labor-intensive process that requires hauling away layers of dirt and rock sometimes 50 feet deep to

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Diamond mining started in the nineteenth century; back then this nation was called Belgian Congo. The Belgian authorities had set up some mines which were small scale like the British did in the South Africa. The mines in the earliest of the mines were situated near the Bushimaie and Lubilash Rivers which are still under mining.

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Greedy diamond mine owner Eli Snedeker resentful that his ex-foreman John Gamble stopped him from taking over kindly but drunken mine owner Roger Smythe& 39;s mine just as he was about to strike it rich kills Smythe and blames it on Gamble. Grabbing the diamonds Gamble flees Africa to England where he changes his name and begins a new life.

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The diamond mining business is rich in the Democratic Republic of the Congo the area has an estimated $24 trillion in untapped natural resources 5 and is the center of the world’s diamond source. Many Congolese are employed in this sector which is unregulated and make a living off of what they extract.

Congo: Diamond Mining and Conflict

Most of the diamond mining in the DROC takes place in the eastern part of the country which at the present time is controlled by the rebel factions who enjoy support from Uganda and Rwanda. The horrifying effects of this situation are the forced displacement of the Congolese people living in the mining areas as well as the myriad of human

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These mines are highly mechanised and has the capacity to produce several millions of tonnes of cobalt and copper ore every year. Diamond Mining in the DRC. Most of the diamonds in the DRC come from the Kasai province in the west of the country. Small scale and artisanal diamond miners are responsible for most of the diamond mining in the country.

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The results of the study published in the report ”Childhood Lost – Diamond mining in the Republic of the Congo and weaknesses of the Kimberley Process” are discouraging. Of 49 interviewees mostly children and adult mine workers only one person a government representative denied that child labour occurs in the mines.

Diamond Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to

The & 39;Diamond Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to 2020& 39; report comprehensively covers DRC& 39;s reserves of diamond by region and county the historic and forecast data on rough diamond

Africa Resources taps into DRC diamond hot spots

The concession was explored and documented historically by Pangea Diamond Fields including historical investments in exploration resource estimate documentation infrastructure and camp facilities. “The information we have on hand pertains to the river terraces and these areas require more heavy-duty mining to recover the diamonds.

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Gold diamonds cobalt copper and oil are major resources that are mined from the region; most mining is small scale artisanal and unregulated. Recently mining groups have targeted coltan and cassiterite rare minerals used in electronics such as mobile phones.

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When the Europeans colonized the Democratic Republic of Congo they introduced the conflict of diamond mines. This conflict has remained in the Democratic Republic of Congo for years to come. The effects of colonization left an impoverished country and no government to control it.

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diamond mines in the congo