cfd model of the coal carbonization process


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In this study a numerical analysis of the coal carbonisation process is discussed employing the CFD model developed in the authors& 39; previous work 13 .Both conductive radiative and convective

Sensitivity analysis of the computational model of the coal

The coal carbonisation process is analysed using the developed CFD model. The model is verified and tuned employing temperature measurements. Simulated temperatures are in satisfied agreement with measured ones. Sensitivity of important model parameters on the simulated temperatures is presented.

CFD simulation of particle size change during the coal char

As the reaction proceeds the carbon in the coal char is reacted and the total mass of the coal char available in the system decreases; therefore the diameter of the coal char particles decreases while the density of the coal char increases from a coal density of 900 kg/m 3 to an ash density of 2700 kg/m 3. It should be mentioned that during

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Coal Gasifi ion in

Computational fluid dynamics CFD modeling which has recently proven to be an effective means of analysis and optimization of energy-conversion processes has been extended to coal gasifi ion in this paper. A 3D mathematical model has been developed to simulate the coal gasifi ion process in a pressurized spout-fluid bed. This CFD model is composed of gas−solid hydrodynamics coal

A review of recent studies of the CFD modelling of coal

This study reviews the latest papers on the CFD modelling of coal gasifi ion in entrained flow gasifiers focusing on the reliability of the approaches and the kinetics of devolatilization and the gas-phase and surface reactions incorporated into the model of the process. The most widely used models are highlighted and briefly described.

CFD model of the coal carbonization process - ScienceDirect

This paper describes a model of the coal coking process which includes the complex thermo-physical and chemical phenomena occurring during the coal carbonization process. The model is implemented on the platform of the ANSYS Fluent CFD software. The model is validated based on the measurements conducted in the experimental coking chamber

Sensitivity analysis of the computational model of the coal

A Computational Fluid Dynamic model is analyzed for coking process in a coke oven charge using PHOENICS CFD package Version 3.2 . The model reported in this paper consists of a combination of a

A combined numerical and experimental approach to study the

The model integrates a DEM model for simulating the ellipsoidal briquettes packing in the coke oven and a CFD model for simulating the carbonization process in the oven. In this case the CFD computation is carried out using the finite-volume-based commercial CFD software ANSYS- Fluent 17.2 .

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cfd model of the coal carbonization process