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A player mining granite using light form and crystallise with level 99 Mining would gain around 169500 base experience an hour. If using decorated mining urns the player would gain 33900 extra experience an hour with an additional 8475 experience if using an urn enhancer. This would cost around 31200.48 an hour in divine charges.

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To start using this calculator enter in your RuneScape username and set a goal level or experience point and find the best option for you. If you need some additional help read the additional instructions at the bottom.

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Since Crystallise does not work with AFK Mining the calculator will not apply Crystallise if AFK is selected as the mining method. Hellion aura assumes a flat 10% and does not take the pulse core into account due to it having its own field . The profit columns include geodes and urn costs - this has a significant impact for some high level ores.

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Calculators are used to determine experience points item manufacturing costs and profits based on real-time prices in the Grand Exchange Market Watch. Calculator Types edit edit source Most calculators are accompanied by an icon to help identify roughly what the calculator is intended for.

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From level 76 all the way through to 99 the fastest way to train your mining is 3 tick Granite. This is extremely click intensive. But it is the fastest way to train your mining and can get you up to 120 000 XP per hour with 99 Mining. At lower mining levels you will be expecting under 100 000 XP per hour. But it is still faster than any

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Old School RuneScape Tools and Calculators. is an Old School RuneScape tools and calculators site. Contact us with any suggestions or message me on Reddit.

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It is equivalent to a steel pickaxe and also increases experience gained from mining copper and tin ore by 3XP. Starting at level 2 Mining the dwarven army axe gives a chance that a player will obtain an uncut lapis lazuli when mining these rocks granting an additional 17 Mining XP. The dwarven army axe cannot be added to the player& 39;s tool belt.

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fast mining xp runescape calculator