cyclones and hydrocyclones for air and water quality


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However cyclone appli ion in magnetite grinding circuits can cause inefficient operation due to the density difference between magnetite and waste minerals silica . Magnetite has a specific density of about 5.15 while silica has a specific density of about 2.7. In hydrocyclones dense minerals separate at a finer cut size than lighter

Oil–water separation using hydrocyclones enhanced by air

For instance to enhance the oil-water separation in hydrocyclones Bai et al. 88 172 utilized an air-liquid mixing pump to produce 15-60 μm air bubbles and provide high probability for oil


After the water is sprayed on the steel it flows to a sump and is then pumped to the cyclones where the scale and other heavy solids are removed. The underflow of the cyclone which contains the steel and some water is discharged to a bin or small holding area where the water can gravity flow back to the cyclone feed sump.

Hydrocyclones - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Cleaners or hydrocyclones remove contaminants from pulp based on the density difference between the contaminant and water. These devices consist of conical or cylindrical-conical pressure vessel into which pulp is fed tangentially at the large diameter end Figure 6 .

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A Hydrocyclone uses an air core which forms at the apex and extends up to the vortex finder. The formation of this air core is paramount to making a separation and if it collapses the separation efficiency dramatically drops. Therefore the idea of modifying a Hydrocyclone to completely remove the air core should be doomed to failure.

The Sizing and Selection of Hydrocyclones

the cyclone diameter. The cylindrical section is the next basic part of the cyclone and is lo ed between the feed chamber and the conical section. It is the same diameter as the feed chamber and its function is to lengthen the cyclone and increase the retention time. For the basic cyclone its length should be 100% of the cyclone diameter.

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An alternative cyclone design uses a secondary air flow within the cyclone to keep the collected particles from striking the walls to protect them from abrasion. The primary air flow containing the particulates enters from the bottom of the cyclone and is forced into spiral rotation by stationary spinner vanes.

Water treatment hydrocyclones

Non-pressure hydrocyclones. Non-pressure hydrocyclones are used to separate oil product light ends and solutions with significant quantity of coagulated suspended particles. Such units are of open design. Contaminants are discharged from the cone top. Treated water is discharged through a system of overflow trays lo ed in the body upper part.

Improve Water Quality by Cyclone Separator as a Pre-Treatment

with a feed water turbidity of 300NTU and the hydrocylone concentrated the solids loaded in the water by 155.66% and reduced the turbidity by 52.33%. The results of the present work indi ed that the usage of hydrocyclone can efficiently reduce the solid loading of water pumped into a water treatment facility the

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small cyclone separator for water Depending on the specific gravity of the particle and the viscosity of the flow stream very small and denser particles can be removed. Consider a separator& 39;s use where any source of water contains contaminants with aweight of 2.6specific gravity or higher such as well water to remove sand.

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Hydrocyclone Sand Separators utilize a conical shaped separator that accelerates the velocity of water maximizing separation of sand and other solid matter with greater than 90% efficiency. Flushing frequency is reduced due to the large holding capacity of our sedimentation tanks.

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Multotec hydrocyclones are used around the world in mining and processing minerals manufacturing aggregates food processing waste water management and other industries. Our cyclones have been optimised over hundreds of jobsites and plants across the world and offer you improved efficiency provide greater lifespan and reduced energy

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Description. Hydrocyclone Separators are effective in removing suspended particles from any flow stream of water where the specific gravity density of the particle s is heavier than the water it is in; the more significant the difference in the gravity between the water and the particle the greater the efficiency of the removal process.

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cyclones and hydrocyclones for air and water quality