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Flotation machine works slurry enters into impellersby hollow shaft air entery between blades mixturefrom impeller outputby stator orientation and after stability enter into the tankattached mineral particles air bubbles lifts to slurry surface and forms air bubbles layer.Tank middle slurry lifting air bubbles and other slurrymeets compressed bubbles cone bucketmove quickly bubbles

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Flotation machine is the abbreviation of floating concentrator refers to the completion of flotation process equipment. In the flotation machine the ore particles and the flotation agent are mixed and stirred to form a slurry wherein some of the ore particles are selectively fixed on the bubbles and then float up to the slurry surface and the remaining ore particles are retained in the

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11.13.2 Deaeration Foam Pump 4000 TM. Until now deaeration tanks always had to be placed underneath the flotation machine and also frequently in the cellar of a facility in order to ensure a sufficient height difference for the conveyance of foam. In addition the tanks are open on top and can overflow with excess foam.

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foam flotation separating machine flotation machines